Friday 05 February 2021

The Rennes Campus dreamed of it... the apprenticeship comes to Rennes - for our UniLaSalle Environmental Engineering program.
The Rennes teams owe this new adventure to the professional partners, the UniLaSalle CFA, the Alumni and the Accreditation Department.

What is an apprenticeship?

  • The opportunity, for you professionals, to accompany a young trainee to initiate new environmental projects in your company, anticipate regulatory changes and thus maintain economic competitiveness;   
  • A unique opportunity for you students to join a company for 3 years during your training; 3 years to learn and build a solid professional experience;   
  • The culmination of a project conducted collectively, for us as a team; the beginning of a new unifying and motivating adventure;

For more information, please contact us:

Thanks again: Brittany Region, Comité 21, Valdelia, SUEZ, PAPREC GROUP, AGROMOUSQUETAIRES, H2X-ECOSYSTEMS, Bretagne Eco Entreprises, Groupe Lhotellier, TAUW Group, STGS - Groupe STURNO, BlueKanGo, Cluster Eco origin for your support to this project.

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