Friday 29 January 2021

UniLaSalle Rennes' disability mission to improve the daily life of its students

The Fédé 100% Handinamique has launched a national call for projects, in partnership with the Fondation Harmonie Solidarités, aimed at higher education institutions to promote and support local initiatives for a better integration of young people with sensory deficits (deaf, blind, hard of hearing or visually impaired).

UniLaSalle Rennes was selected as the winner and was awarded a €5,000 grant to finance its policy of welcoming students with sensory disabilities.

Thanks to this grant, the Rennes campus will be able to finance :

  • A Braille track for a visually impaired student   
  • Sign language training for 15 students and employees during the year.   
  • 30 hours of training to validate a level A1.1   
  • An event to raise awareness of sensory disability.

The year 2021 under the sign of the sensitization of all the actors of the establishment.

During the awareness event that will take place in 2021, different variations are planned:

  • A conference led by the association Unirh Thransition followed by a debate.   
  • Play by the Bureau des Arts (BDA), a student association of UniLaSalle Rennes.   
  • Testimonials from students with disabilities   
  • Mini-initiations to French Sign Language and Braille   
  • Disabled sports workshops led by the Departmental Disabled Sports Committee of Ille et Vilaine (two disabled sports professionals and one visually impaired athlete).   
  • Awareness of torball, visually impaired athletics and petanque.   
  • Board games in the form of role-playing

Jeanne Husson, the campus disability advisor, recently began her mission as such: "I am delighted to have been able to obtain this scholarship. I am looking forward to setting up systems to facilitate the learning of students with disabilities who are currently training to become environmental engineers. The UniLaSalle School is part of the Lasallian educational network and promotes learning to "live together" in respect for the dignity of every person. My wish is to be able to work for even more inclusion".

All the teams as well as the students thank the 100% Handinamique et Harmonie Mutuelle Federation for this program. A real boost for the young people and the host educational institutions!

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