BSc + Msc program in environmental engineering by apprenticeship


The Environmental Engineer concretely applies the concepts of social responsibility, in all its aspects: the environment of course, but also the economic and social. He is the one who makes the environmental subject an economic and social asset at the service of an efficient, sustainable organization.

The 3-year work-study program will allow a faster and more operational mastery of relational skills, professional attitudes and so-called "soft skills".

The apprentice acquires a long and strong experience before graduation. He has a solid professional experience which allows him to be easily and quickly integrated into the job market. Our training brings a systemic vision of sustainable development, which allows the company to have a competent apprentice.

Dany Hulot, Director of Studies, UniLaSalle - Rennes campus
Learning Manager

Key information

  • Duration of training: 3 years   
  • Language of instruction: French   
  • Recruitment from French Baccalaureat +2   
  • Location of training: Rennes campus   
  • Diploma accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), Master's degree and European EUR-ACE® label until 2024-25
  • Tuition fees: paid by the host organization for your apprenticeship contract.

of young graduates in post one year after leaving school


weeks of international experience

The training program

Work-study schedule

The training alternates weeks in school and weeks in the company on a progressive rhythm.

An international period of 12 weeks is planned in the first year, but it can be positioned at another period, in agreement with the company.

Ingénieur en génie de l'environnement par apprentissage - calendrier de la formation

590 hours of teaching per year on average

The program is divided into 4 main periods.

1st year

639 hours of teaching

At school, the Teaching Units (UE) highlight the common scientific bases and tools of Environmental Engineering according to the targeted competences.

In companies, the apprentice discovers the professional world in its different facets, while participating in the company's missions ;

The mandatory period abroad

The end of the first year is followed by 12 weeks of internship abroad during the summer period. The possibility is offered on request to integrate the adapted program in summer university.

2nd year

633 hours of teaching

At school, the student discovers new tools applied to environmental engineering.

In a company, the apprentice appropriates the technical know-how and implements it through the realization of a project. This mission gives him the opportunity to better understand the different tools for strategic management of the company.

3rd year

475 hours of teaching.

At school, the third year is the year of technical in-depth study, on the one hand in order to acquire a greater mastery of environmental processes, and on the other hand to move towards the professions of environmental process engineer, service manager or site manager in an eco-industrial company.

On the other hand, the student deepens the use of tools dedicated to eco-design, industrial ecology, sustainable development management, to move towards the professions of environmental manager, CSR, circular economy.

In companies, the apprentice works on increasingly important missions, gaining autonomy to become an engineer fully responsible for the choices he makes. The apprentice master accompanies and follows his or her development.

The end-of-study thesis, the culmination of the training, enables the apprentice to successfully complete a methodological and technical project. It demonstrates a step back from the challenges of sustainable development, applied to an important project for the company.


Admission requirements

You will join our Environmental Engineering training by apprenticeship via an admission on title:

  • in 1st year if you have validated your Licence 2 or 3, DUT or scientific prep, BTS or BTSA.   
  • in 2nd year if you have validated your Bac+3 scientific profile

Do you have another profile? Do not hesitate to contact our Admissions department.

Admission procedures

Admission on file and motivation interview,

If the analysis of the application file is favorable, you will be invited for an interview. You will be interviewed by a pair of apprenticeship managers and a teacher-researcher. At the end of this interview, if the interview is positive, your application is submitted to the internal selection committee, which makes it official.

Open an online application file (for French student)


1st session

Application deadline: February 15, 2022

2nd session

Application deadline: March 14, 2022

3rd session

Application deadline: May 10, 2022

Jobs and opportunities

Area of expertise

Ingénieur en génie de l'environnement par apprentissage - secteurs d'activité

Positions held

  • Environment: Environmental Engineer, Design Manager, Consultant, Environmental Project Manager, Environmental Affairs Manager, Environmental Director, Design and Development Engineer   
  • Water: Hydraulic engineer, Water treatment engineer, Wastewater design engineer, Operations manager   
  • Industry: In charge of steering and implementing environmental policies, Operations Manager of an eco-industrial site, Product Manager, Eco-design Engineer   
  • Waste/Pollution: Waste Management Design Engineer, Polluted Sites and Soil Project Manager, Operations Engineer   
  • Quality/Health/Safety/Environment: QSE Engineer, QHSE Manager, DD&RS Manager, Circular Economy Project Leader

Some examples of employers

Eiffage Génie Civil, PSA Group, Décathlon, Carrefour, Hermès, Yves Rocher, Paprec, Tipiak, Axe Environnement, Suez, Véolia, Saur, Ademe, Les Mousquetaires,...


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