Vendredi 02 juillet 2021

 Guarantee of territorial anchorage and commitment in terms of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

The application of the UniLaSalle Rennes campus - School of Environmental Professions has been selected to join the Brittany brand.

The teams are proud to wear the colors of the Brittany Region, and to work towards its influence and attractiveness.

Rich in meaning, through its higher education and research activities for sustainable development, the UniLaSalle campus participates in this beautiful collective dynamic carried by Bretagne Développement Innovation and Tourisme Bretagne.

We are delighted to join the 927 institutional partners, companies, higher education institutions, associations, etc.

What a satisfaction to further accentuate our territorial anchoring and to participate closely in this collective momentum.

Marque Bretagne, the guarantee of a dynamic professional network

Our desire to join the network was natural. The values of Marque Bretagne are so similar to ours! Commitment, a sense of community, openness and imagination are all values that carry us forward and that we wish to integrate into our activities and transmit to our students and employees. Our objective is to participate in "diversifying, rejuvenating and energizing the territory".

A short video of induction was shot featuring Mr. Geoffroy Belhenniche, Director of the school, Mrs. Catherine Ricordel, Director of training and Essylt, a student engineer who has a nice surprise in store for us!

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