Friday 20 December 2019

Albert de Lapparent virtual museum unveils UniLaSalle collections


The idea is to reveal the collections hidden away in compactus units. With close to 50,000 specimens of rocks, minerals, fossils and ores, UniLaSalle's mineralogy, petrography and paleontology collections represent an extraordinary heritage.

Previously kept in the school basement, these geological treasures will now have the chance to "travel" the world with the launch of the Albert de Lapparent virtual museum today, Thursday December 20, 2018.

Nearly 1,100 specimens, selected for their esthetic quality and their scientific and heritage value, are now showcased in the virtual museum. The museum was set up to satisfy the curiosity of both the general public and geology specialists. The Albert de Lapparent museum is designed as an educational tool; it will be constantly updated and can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers and professors. "We are open to any suggestions to enhance the virtual museum with the addition of new items and virtual tours," explains Yannick Vautier, Director of the UniLaSalle Geosciences College and project leader. The project will certainly give professors in life and earth sciences plenty of new ground to explore!

Three years of work to complete this first stage

The launch of the website required three years of work: taking high-definition photos of each support and approximately 1,100 individual pieces, creating and completing the database, raising money through a sponsorship and crowdfunding campaign, and developing the website. But this is only the first stage. By 2020, the Albert de Lapparent virtual museum hopes to make some 5,000 pieces available to the public. A second version of the museum will include 3D models of fossils and minerals produced using the tools in the GeoLab. A card library and photos of thin sections, as well as a geo search tool, will also be added. The website was designed and produced by the companies Insign and Les Animals.

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