Monday 09 December 2019

Dès le 8 décembre, direction Madrid et la COP25 pour 3 de nos étudiants et 2 membres de la Direction !

The aim of the trip?

To get an insiders' experience of this 25th edition of the Conference of the Parties, to improve their understanding of the issues at stake, and hopefully to see countries make a real commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

In Madrid they will meet internationally renowned scientists (including climatologist Jean Jouzel and paleoclimatologist Valérie Masson-Delmotte) and organizations (Climate Chance, Comité 21 and REFEDD (the French Network of Students for Sustainable Development)) and attend the presentations and side events planned for the two weeks.

They are determined to meet as many different stakeholders as possible at the round tables, which will deal with subjects including agriculture, biodiversity conservation, health, human rights, energy and finance – all key areas in the fight against climate change which urgently require tangible, effective action.

Our students will play a part in COP 25

On December 12 at 10am, in the France Pavilion, the UniLaSalle students will have the chance to speak at a side event. Discussions are already under way at UniLaSalle to make sure these ambassadors for youth and the student community accurately convey the concerns of their fellow students.

The question they will ask is: "As students, future experts with an active role to play in creating a sustainable world, what should we expect from our teaching on climate issues?"

Geoffroy Belhenniche, UniLaSalle Rennes Campus Director and Director of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility for the Group, and Jacques Brégeon, Advisor to the management team, will travel with the students.

"We want to be where it's happening! We want to understand, so that we can report back on the scientific realities and key issues to all students on and around our campuses. We want to give them effective tools, because solutions do exist!"

Geoffroy Belhenniche


More information about the event : Official COP 25 website

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