Friday 12 June 2020

Page updated on October 5, 2020

As the situation is likely to change, we invite you to consult this page regularly.

In accordance with the latest instructions from the Government and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Rennes Campus has set up a specific mechanism allowing to respect a reduction of attendance to 50% of the capacity for each spaces. This device will come into effect on October 6 in the morning.

UniLaSalle teams have organized themselves to ensure that health instructions are respected.

In order to approach this new school year in the best possible conditions given the context,we would like to inform you that UniLaSalle's teams have organized themselves to ensure compliance with health regulations.

Therefore, the wearing of masks is mandatory for all persons on all of our campuses.

Students must put together a "back-to-school kit" including : a stock of masks, hydroalcoholic gel, a microfiber cloth, etc.

The dematerialization of teaching is strongly favored for all years and training courses as far as possible.

For all face-to-face courses (CM, TD, TP), masks must be wearing (the Handicap Mission provides specific equipment for teachers when hearing impaired students are present). The only restriction to the wearing of masks may concern the classrooms and laboratories where the experimental conditions may prohibit the wearing of masks. In the case, the groups of students will be dimensioned in such a way as to allow the respect of the sanitory distance.

In addition, the information will be amended in accordance with government directives, our supervisory ministries and the local constraints of each of our sites. information sessions will be held regularly according to the evolution of the health situation and to enable everyone to have access to reliable and relevant information sources concerning this pandemic.

Depending on the evolution of the situation, we may have to adapt these measures.


Do you have a question about the coronavirus or a related absence to report? Please send an email to


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